domino round HL LED HO

Product details


  • Suspended LED luminaire
  • Extruded Aluminium construction
  • Anodised Aluminium finish (RAL finishes available on request)
  • Range of diffusers available
  • Maximum pendant length 2000mm with smooth adjustment using quick release mechanisms



Part numberColourControl GearDiameterOpticOutputWattage
47RHL830H03253000KNon-dim, DALI, Switch DIM360mmSatin PC, Microprisma3250lm31.4W
47RHL830H04483000KNon-dim, DALI, Switch DIM450mmSatin PC, Microprisma4880lm47.0W
47RHL830H11153000KNon-dim, DALI, Switch DIM650mmSatin PC, Microprisma22300lm107.5W
47RHL830H22303000KNon-dim, DALI, Switch DIM950mmSatin PC, Microprisma23400lm215.0W
47RHL840H03354000KNon-dim, DALI, Switch DIM360mmSatin PC, Microprisma3350lm31.4W
47RHL840H05024000KNon-dim, DALI, Switch DIM450mmSatin PC, Microprisma5020lm47.0W
47RHL840H11494000KNon-dim, DALI, Switch DIM650mmSatin PC, Microprisma11490lm107.5W
47RHL840H22984000KNon-dim, DALI, Switch DIM950mmSatin PC, Microprisma22980lm215.0W