Tapioca 40 Diffused

Product details

  • Recessed luminaire for outdoor installation in wall, ceiling or floor
  • Circular die cast aluminium structure EN AB-47100
  • Double layer coating for high resistance to corrosion
  • Luminaire is composed of a wiring unit connected to an emitting unit available glass only and anodised aluminium frame
  • IP67 rated
  • In compliance with EN 60598-1
  • Insulation class III: Remote power supply required
  • Finished in anodised aluminium


Part numberBezelColour Temperature GlassLight SourceOpticSystem Power
10088118Glass OnlyCool WhiteSandblasted1W LED / 12÷24V d.c.Diffused1.9W
100163118Glass OnlyNatural WhiteSandblasted1W LED / 12÷24V d.c.Diffused1.9W
10089118Glass OnlyWarm WhiteSandblasted1W LED / 12÷24V d.c.Diffused1.9W
100175118Glass OnlyCool WhiteSandblasted2W LED / 12÷24V d.c.Diffused2.3W
100177118Glass OnlyNatural WhiteSandblasted2W LED / 12÷24V d.c.Diffused2.3W
100176118Glass OnlyWarm WhiteSandblasted2W LED / 12÷24V d.c.Diffused2.3W

Accessories available for this product

106 Power supply 24V d.c. 8W 100÷240V
110 Power supply 70W / 220÷240V - 24V d.c.
144 Power supply 17W / 110÷240V - 24V d.c.
147 Power supply 20W / 220÷240V - 24V d.c.
155 Power supply 24Vd.c. 50W (IP67)
156 Power supply 24Vd.c. 100W (IP67)
175 Power supply 24Vd.c. 10W (IP67)
87 Power supply 10W / 110÷240V - 24V d.c.
98 Box for installation